Norway withdrew most expensive series about Russian occupation

Norwegian channel TV2 autumn will show “Occupied”, which has already caused a mixed reaction in the community - through the story of the Russian Federation seizes Norway at the request of the European Union, reports

The series “occupied” - the most expensive of 10 million euros in Norway show that comes out on the TV screen. At the same time Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Norway Andrei Kulikov informed: “The Russian side will not respond to the show through formal protest or response.” The reason for this, according to the plot is the arrival to power of environmentalists, that prohibits the extraction of gas and oil.

Russia, represented in the television series aggressor, immediately takes under its own control of oil and gas fields.

“It is a pity that the anniversary of the victory in the second world war, the show’s writers decided to scare the Norwegian observers nonexistent threat from the East.” “Do not expect any hysteria from the Russian side in this regard - it is not our style.” In recognition of the Red Army for the Liberation of East Finnmark Norwegians erected a monument to the Soviet Soldier-Liberator (Norwegian name - Russemonumentet - “Russian monument”), which is located in Haganes in the Norwegian city of Kirkenes. On the Day of Liberation of Northern Norway, on October 25 at the monument also held celebrations.

27 August 2015

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