In Latvia, offer “exchange” Russian population of refugees from Africa

The country’s largest publishing Latvijas Avīze (”The Latvian newspaper“), issuing a circulation of 25 thousand copies, published an article by journalist Janis Staburags who proposed “exchange” all the local Russian-speaking population to more than 7 thousands of refugees from North Africa.

“Why is the government of Latvia has not offered the EU to exchange our Russian colonists on refugees? Due to the fact that these colonists we have a huge number (around 750 thousand), the proportions of exchange are as follows: 100 colonists per refugee. If the EU will help us to drive all 750 thousand Russian colonists, we might accept 7500 refugees. In this way we would show Europe that we are no racists and enemies of immigrants, but for the Latvian Latvia more serious problem is the Russian invaders and colonists than for Europe thousands of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, “- wrote Staburags.

“If Europe has agreed to such an exchange, most likely in Germany, France, Britain and other countries would remain a very small part of our colonists, because there they would not be useful to Putin as a” fifth column “, and he suddenly remembered would be that they need Russia. Therefore, for Europe it will be much less of a problem than 7,500 refugees in Latvia, although Russian colonists - chauvinists, they defiantly say in Russian and Latvia are not loyal, “- says Staburags.

The publicist said that Latvia would benefit from the fact that there will be less people. “Those who say that Latvia is Latvian, but empty, I remind you that emptiness, the silence and the natural vegetation is a huge luxury. If the most populous countries - the best, the most happy was to Gaza, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Thank you, I prefer to Iceland “- concluded the author.

Earlier, Brussels has forced Latvia to begin to accept 250 immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Offer Staburags caused a huge response and lively discussion in Latvia. The general opinion of the Russian community in this regard expressed opposition politician Vladimir Linderman, “You could not pay attention to this nonsense, but the aircraft - the circulation newspaper in Latvia, affecting the mass psychology. We are also ready to exchange local Natsik to residents of sparsely populated regions of Siberia and the Far North. In any proportion. “

28 August 2015

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