Chinese Air Force took to the service of the Apes

Air Force China have adopted the monkeys. It is reported by China Central Television.

The fact that the People’s Liberation Army “high places” a serious problem with birds. Birds build nests in the trees surrounding the Chinese air bases. As a result, in the sky above them is always a lot of birds that fall into the turbine aircraft and can lead to serious disasters.

For bird control, according to Chinese television, were involved in macaques. Nimble animals climb trees and ruining the nest, daring the birds from the territory of military air bases. In addition, according to the military, the smell of the animals remain on the trees and caused some birds.

“The use of monkeys - an innovative idea, which has been effective. They do their job better people”, - said Colonel Han Bin.

It is reported that today tailed fighters destroyed about 180 nests at the air base, located near Beijing. For his work, the monkey trainers receive from apples and other sweets.

29 August 2015

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