Texas separatists launched a campaign to exit the state from the US

Last weekend the Texas Nationalist Movement Movement announced Texas in 31 cities share the state whose goal is to collect 75,000 signatures necessary to raise the front of the local voters in the spring of next year, the question of secession from the United States, reports the New York Post.

Texas, along with Hawaii is one of two US states ever recognized by foreign states and had diplomatic relations with them. And although, as assured legal experts, the introduction of such a clause is unconstitutional, the spirit of independence, according to a Texas activist movement is still strong among many residents, “Lone Star State”.

Nicknamed the “Lone Star State” of Texas was awarded in 1836, when the troops of the Texans defeated the Mexican Army and the State declared its independence. It was then that the Congress of Texas adopted the flag of that State - red, white and blue flag with a big star. For 10 years, Texas remained a separate state with a republican form of government, with its own government and the Congress, while in 1845 the rights of the state are not entered into the United States.

“We are again and again there was a complete rupture between the people of Texas, his desires, and what is happening in Washington - said the president of Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel Miller. - Residents of Texas have nothing against the United States, they are simply tired of the officials, which they I did not choose, and laws that do not want to. ”

Miller compared the Texas Scotland, whose citizens have not once raised the issue of withdrawal from the United Kingdom and Catalonia, which also wants independence from Spain. “We live in the era of the right to political self-determination”, - he said.

However, the problem of self-determination of Texas there is a small problem. When Texas along with other southern states joined the United States, government of each of the states pledged never withdraw from the Union.

Thus, for the approximation of the intended target State Government must first amend Texas law, and then convince the US Congress to approve it, and only after that Texans will have the right to self-determination.

Curiously, as an independent state of Texas can become quite influential country in the world. The amount of the state’s economy is $ 1.4 trillion per year, which roughly corresponds to the economy of South Korea or Spain, five times more than the Israeli economy and only slightly inferior to Canada or Russia.

2 September 2015

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