Poroshenko asked the Russian ban condoms, turn the flag of Ukraine and abolish post of president

The administration of President (AP) Ukraine decided to borrow the experience of the White House in the part of the work with citizens. There considering petitions, which are gaining 100 thousand votes and above. Play “voice of the people” in the same way and decided in Kiev.

However, the Ukrainians will be easier to reach the top, than Americans. To the Administration of the President heard their request and began to examine it, it is necessary for the three months to gather under placed on any Internet resource petition only 25 thousand signatures and send them to a specially crafted e-mail box, according to Ukrainian portal “News”.

In the AP warned in advance: electronic petition which contain appeals to violate the integrity of the country will not get to the site.

The system has already earned, and by last night the greatest number of signatures collected petition for permission firearms - more than 14 thousand signatories. In second place the abolition of customs duty when buying a car, on the third - the abolition of parliamentary immunity.

In addition, Ukrainians Poroshenko asked to turn the flag of Ukraine, the Russian ban condoms … to cancel the post of President of Ukraine. And on the website of the President of Ukraine posted a petition to appoint the head of the Odesa region Mikhail Saakashvili, Prime Minister of Ukraine. For 2 days she has already gathered more than 600 votes (if necessary 25 thousand). In wishing to sign it there for almost three months, and then the petition must be addressed in the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

3 September 2015

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