Saakashvili promised to die for Ukraine

The governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili said that is actively fighting against corruption, is not afraid of threats in his address by disgruntled its policies and generally willing to die for Ukraine. This was announced today writes the Polish media “Rzeczpospolita”.

Mikhail Saakashvili, in all seriousness, said in an interview with Polish newspaper “Rzeczpospolita”, that he had more than 100 days has been actively fighting corruption in the Odessa region. And already the first results - for a bribe detained the head of the military committee of Odessa and the commander of the city police.

As the portal, this indefatigable fighter against corruption is not complacent. He initiated and searches in the administration - is dealing with the instruments of the illegal privatization of land. But the townspeople Saakashvili because of his reforms and checks for some reason were not respected. Moreover, dissatisfaction with Governor is only growing. Saakashvili himself can not understand it (what a strange logic of Ukrainian?), But in an interview to Polish journalist boldly stated that “people love or hate human - not the point!”

To revive the country or die

The journalists asked Saakashvili not afraid of any Governor, that may soon pay with their lives, given the growing discontent not only among the locals but also those in whose cases climbs newly Governor?

“The main thing that they did not kill Ukraine and Ukrainian Dream” - retorted Georgians ready to die for a foreign country. To raise it, judging from the interviews was the meaning of his life.

After that awkward question Ukrainian official seems to think about the sudden death and began to answer somehow confused and out of place. So he said that “it is a pity the population of Odessa, his patience is not enough, because in Ukraine is not sweet life: the war, the crisis.” In the other proposal Saakashvili has declared enthusiastically that all is not so bad. Despite the war, life in the Ukraine could be not so heavy, and the economy could be improved, if not corruption.

Ukraine - the head of everything

Mikheil Saakashvili also shared his thoughts on how the role of Ukraine is important today for everyone. Not only Ukrainians, but also for all the inhabitants of the earth. Why are there things small? If Ukraine does not hold out, then Georgia will disappear from the world map, so says Saakashvili.

On the final question of the correspondent of why Saakashvili and his passion for reform of unprecedented activity and unprecedented thirst is unwilling to return to Georgia, the governor said poetically: it keeps the love for Ukraine.

“I like the Ukraine, in many ways I feel a Ukrainian, I know the Ukrainian language. I am interested in Ukrainian history and culture and want to feel a part of it”, - he concluded the interview Saakashvili enchanting.

4 September 2015

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