On Facebook button will be “do not like”

Facebook is working on the creation of the social network buttons Dislike (”Do not like”). This was announced by the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg during the regular question and answer session with him.

“I think people were asked about the button Dislike for many years. Today is a special day, when I can say that we are working on this feature and soon it will appear in the social network,” - said Zuckerberg.

Earlier, Mark Zuckerberg opposed the creation of such a button for fear of becoming like Reddit, where users can not only express their approval and dissatisfaction.

“We do not want to turn Facebook into a discussion club, where users vote for or against the posts. This is not like a community that we want to build,” - said Zuckerberg.

The head of Facebook stressed that understands users is difficult to click “Like” on a post about the unfortunate events such as a death in the family or refugee crisis, and that there must be a better way to express their sympathy and not indifferent. Meanwhile, Zuckerberg did not say when the button will be introduced to Facebook, but said that testing with a limited number of users will begin soon.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that social networks provoke divorce. At least one of the seven unmarried people thought about divorce because of a spouse of posts in social networks.

16 September 2015

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