I visit all countries of the world

September 7, 2015 the first Russian people (even more precisely - of all residents of the former USSR and Eastern Europe) visited all the countries of the world.

List of countries - this is a topic of conversation with knowledgeable people in one evening. It is estimated that there are 193 countries - members of the United Nations. They and I have traveled all

(There is still every little thing - the territory of the unrecognized country, colony, etc., Which, if recorded, is also translate into sour list “UN +” to which I have visited 262 of the 266 points

My country has become final, Saudi Arabia, where I was trying to get five years (although the record of Turkmenistan - seven years of waiting - not broken).

18 September 2015

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Blonde on the “Oka” at the speed of 170 km / h “made” BMW X6

• Heads of CIS countries made a joint statement and called on the world cherish the memory of the victory »»»
Heads of State? CIS is to educate the younger generation a sense of pride in a common heroic history and a great feat in the fight against fascism.
• Rating of the American Foundation for the world's most unstable countries: The most stable - Finland, Russia and Ukraine is stable at 1.13 times »»»
Finland recognized as the most stable country in the world by the American Foundation Fund for Peace.
• In Saudi Arabia, opened the first school of striptease »»»
26-year-old British stripper Lucy Misch was a real hero of our time and the founder of the first school Shestov striptease in Saudi Arabia.
• Java Game Art Of War 2 »»»
2038. Twenty years of the Earth managed by the World Confederation, uniting and subjugate all countries and continents.
• Ilyumzhinov advocates the development of contacts with extraterrestrials »»»
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who will soon leave the presidency of Kalmykia, urged the public not to be afraid to speak openly about contacts with aliens.