Blonde on the “Oka” at the speed of 170 km / h “made” BMW X6

Motorists, who shot the video, was forced to break the rules of the road and endanger their lives. All in all, he was driving, trying to keep pace with the domestic production of a small car. “Oka” sped around the track Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Kemerovo - at a speed of 150-170 km / h, easily ahead of much more powerful cars. As evidence for the amazing cars speed by roller and then directs the camera at the speedometer, which shows these figures. In addition, the frames amateur video shows that the Kuzbass track was wet from the rain. “In front sit two blondes age forty. A few minutes went, resting his ass BMW X6. Beha long missed, but then still surrendered” - says the author of the video, which he titled “Rabid stool. Almost 170 km / h. ” He also pointed out that the speed limit on this road 130 km / h. Add that to the standard version of the car “Oka” is equipped with an engine capacity of less than a liter. YouTube Videos

23 September 2015

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