Head of the Komi Republic is asking from prison in Moscow apartment wife

Protecting accused of organizing a criminal group and fraud head of the Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gayzer appealed against his arrest. The lawyers asked the Moscow City Court to transfer the head of Komi under house arrest in the apartment of his wife in the metropolitan area Perovo. Gaiser Sam settles in quarantine until the metropolitan detention center “Lefortovo”. He intends to actively cooperate with the investigation to prove his innocence to the incriminated crimes: Gaiser says that in fact it is not a crime, and about the relationship between business entities and transactions, which no one has ever challenged. With regard attributed to him of illegal income and wealth, the Gaiser explains that all this he earned an honest living when he was a top manager of various banks.

A spokesman for the Basmanny Court of Moscow Anna Fadeeva reported that on September 23, Vyacheslav Gayzer lawyers appealed the court’s decision to arrest him in a higher court - the Moscow City Court. The hearing will be scheduled in the near future.

Lawyer Oleg Gayzer Fox told “Izvestia” that they hope that the Moscow City Court has at least change the measure of restraint for him.

- We ask the court to transfer Gayzer under house arrest, where there are all the possibilities to control it - told “Izvestia” Oleg Fox. - First and foremost this is due to his health condition which requires constant medical care and medication.

As a possible place of protection offered Gayzer apartment his wife Natalia in Perovo district in the east of Moscow. Address defenders Gayzer not disclose, however, “The News” found that this apartment is located in a modest 12-storey building, which was erected in the late 60s of the last century. The cost of apartments in a sort of houses in this area is in the lower price segment and is comparable with the cost of housing in the Khrushchev.

Gaiser intends to cooperate with the investigation and to provide detailed evidence, because he believes himself innocent and ready to prove it. Head of the Komi Republic claims that he had no relation to the transactions and entities that appear in the criminal case.

- All these transactions took place in 2006-2010 and repeatedly tested different structures, but nobody ever questioned, - added the lawyer Gayzer. - If someone believes that there was something broken, then let the court appeal against the transaction and return the company to the state. Moreover, enterprises have been privatized even before Gaiser led the Komi ……….

24 September 2015

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