Maraya Carey plans to build a house in Aspen

Maraya Carey (Mariah Carey) wants to build his own house in Aspen. Singer comes every year in the winter time this ski resort in Colorado and therefore wants to be here a constant angle.

In an interview with “Aspen Peak” Maraya said: “I recently wanted very much to have a house in Aspen. I have a specific person. I built a house in New York, where I now live, and even before I had to build houses. If I got it want to, be sure to fulfill my plan. ”

Construction in Aspen it will result in a lot of money, but for her it does not matter. “I love nature, there is how to draw. A wonderful place.” Maraya Carey last ten years, said the Christmas holidays in Aspen, riding down the hills on sleds, skis and snowboards are not for her.

28 December 2006 | angle, aspen, construction, house, ker, resort, singer, state, time

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