Outside the UN Poroshenko opponents and supporters staged a fight (a fierce battle between opponents and supporters of the Kiev authorities discourage even experienced NYPD)

Political battles suddenly spilled out of the UN building on the street. Fierce battle between opponents and supporters of the Kiev authorities discourage even experienced NYPD.

Nazis called those trying to protect the president Poroshenko. During presentations and meetings at the UN, he tries to find support from Western leaders. But many ordinary Americans are outraged that Washington can not stop the crimes of the authorities in Kiev. Moreover, the participants of the action said that the Ukrainian authorities, who have brought their country to chaos, are now facing each other Russian and American peoples.

“We are here because we ask not to prevent war between Russia and America. That would be a disaster. Washington should immediately stop supporting the junta in Kiev”, - said one of the protesters.

30 September 2015

Head of the Komi Republic is asking from prison in Moscow apartment wife
US urges Russia not to interfere with the actions of the coalition in Syria

• "CRC-FSO": Ukropatrioty outraged sink Ukraine in Sochi »»»
All night the Patriots produced signs and license plates reading "CRC-FSO" because "Kerry also leaked.
• US presidential candidate: "I would not rule out a military solution to the conflict with Russia" »»»
A former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who intends to run for the US presidential election, said he would not rule out the use of military force against Russia.
• Poroshenko decided to give the Crimea the new status »»»
Kiev authorities are planning to develop a "roadmap" for the provision of the Crimea the status of national-territorial autonomy within Ukraine.
• Ukrainian politician: If the West are tired of us, let hang »»»
If Europe and the United States are tired of Ukraine.
• Venezuela announced the day of international solidarity against the actions of the United States »»»
Venezuelan authorities decided to declare a day of international solidarity with the Venezuelan people against the actions of the United States.