In Uzbekistan, Fergana fields harvested cotton glued back

In Kushtepa district of Ferghana region of Uzbekistan local residents forced to stick harvested cotton back to the cotton boll. Post about this citing “Ozodlik Radio” (”Radio Liberty”) October 12, distributed resource ca-news.

So the local authorities decided to prepare for the visit of Prime Minister Shavkat Mirzijaeva - decided to show him “a great harvest.” A source, before the arrival of the regional administration official Tashkent requested “provide a snowy white cotton fields along the roads, which are expected to travel by motorcade senior official.”

“In the field, where grown cotton, saw huddled over 400 men and women. He came closer to them and saw that everyone was carrying a PVA glue. One smeared glue in cotton balls, while others adhered to these boxes have collected,” cotton ” - told the reporter, “Ozodlik.” - When I asked them why they do so, they said, the Prime Minister will arrive, so we were told to make it look beautiful. ” The information was confirmed as one of the local farmers. According to him, these works attracted more than 500 people. However, the zeal of the local administration and labor krestyarn been in vain - the Prime Minister in this area has not arrived.

The regional administration refrained from comments, limiting the remark that no one was forced to glue cotton back. “Radio Ozodlik” between states that such tricks Uzbekistan common. Once before the trip of President Islam Karimov in one of the districts of the inhabitants forced to stick to the trees artificial flowers. As for cotton, this culture has become sheer headache of the Uzbek people. Every year, every harvest time inhabitants of the country in droves sent to pick cotton. The works involve, in particular, employees of budget organizations (doctors, teachers), students. Failures are fraught with serious problems, until the loss of employment or expulsion from university. Selling cotton is one of the main articles of the Uzbek exports. Every year it brings the country hundreds of millions of dollars.

12 October 2015

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