Rada deputy head smashed a bottle of his colleague from the party Tymoshenko

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine broke a major scandal. At this time, it appeared in the center of the MP from the “People’s Front” Andrew Teteruk, who hit a glass bottle on the head with his colleague from the party “Fatherland” Alexander Kuzhel. This was on his Facebook page wrote odnopartiets Teteruka Anton Gerashchenko.

As it became known, the incident occurred on November 5 after the plenary session of Parliament. The information published in the Ukrainian media - contradictory. According to some data, Teteruk insulted members of the faction of “Fatherland” and personally Alexandra Kuzhel, which was then hit on the head with a glass bottle. Poschtradavshaya a concussion and was hospitalized, media reported.

Another position outlined another deputy “Popular Front” Anton Gerashchenko. According to him, when Teteruk came out of the receiving speaker, he struck up a verbal altercation with Alexandra Kuzhel. At some point, the woman decided to hit his opponent a bag, and the deputy holding a water bottle, tried to throw deboshirku, but accidentally hit the neck of the bottle in the face of supporters of Yulia Tymoshenko. After what happened Teteruk allegedly personally apologized, but apologies were not accepted.

“The course of events is terribly unpredictable. While talking to Alexandra Kuzhel accident there was a conflict for which publicly apologize. Believe me, despite the emotions that are now raging, I am truly sorry,” - later the MP publicly apologized on his page on Facebook.

Yulia Tymoshenko faction “Fatherland” intend to achieve the mandate of the addition of Andrew Teteruka.

“Andrew Teteruk claims that he acted in self-defense, is ready for the removal of parliamentary immunity, and will prove in court that he acted in self-defense”, - concluded Gerashchenko.

6 November 2015

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