In Ukraine, renamed Chapayeva

Local authorities found a way to circumvent the law decommunisation: monuments, simply give new names, or converted into another character

May 21, 2015 Ukraine has a government decree providing for the renaming of some settlements and the dismantling of a number of objects of the Soviet period.

“Volnovakha city council decided to rename the VI Chapaev monument, located in Volnovaha Donetsk region, in a monument to” Kozak “- the document says.

Users of social networks Alexander Balenko suggested the Ukrainian authorities to develop a unified project “Monument to the hero” with a removable head and the inscription on the pedestal.

“Good idea! So why monument Shchors Kiev did not rename the monument Kozak Mama? But any future government will rename it even in something. You do not have to be cultural values ​​break down like the barbarians of the LIH,” - wrote on his page on Facebook Alexander Levchenko.

Previously, for the salvation of the dismantling of the monument to Vladimir Lenin Odessa artist Alexander Milov he turned kulpturu leader of the world proletariat into a hero of “Star Wars” Darth Vader at the request of labor collectives of the plant “Pressmash”, as well as residents of nearby houses.

9 November 2015

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