Ukrainian Russian army suppress the rebellion in the Baltic States

Ukrainian army in the exercise “Maple Arch”, which are held near Vilnius together with the Lithuanian and Polish military doctrine fulfills suppression of pro-Russian uprising in the Baltic region, the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

“The script is designed to meet the possible challenges and threats, which may occur in this part of the European continent.

According to legend, the integrity and sovereignty of fictional Baltic country Amberlend violated aggressive Redland state that bordered on the east. Using the powerful information and propaganda and psychological effects, the invaders artificially initiated and supported separatist movements in the region, which led to the unlawful separation of the territories of unrecognized Amberlenda and create a world society of geographical education “of Latgale”.

In order to restore the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the government introduces Amberlenda police operation, but with the support of Redland “of Latgale” armed resistance.

Therefore, the aid Amberlendu to restore order and stabilize the situation in the region entered units Multinational Brigade.

“Scenario training is based on the calls of the local conflicts and situations that, unfortunately, some countries are experiencing today. And for the Ukrainian military is a good opportunity to look at the events in the eastern regions of our state on the part of, to share experiences with their counterparts from member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance “- emphasized in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

13 November 2015

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