Ukraine is fenced off from the Russian earthen ditch along the sea for 570 million hryvnia

Ukraine plans to build a new line of fortifications - this time along the sea. Meanwhile, defensive structures, which last year began to build on the border with Russia, is gradually being destroyed. However, their construction cost Ukrainian taxpayers hundreds of millions of hryvnia.

Builders assemble the fence, so that the enemy did not pass. The mythical enemy, may not take place, but the real smugglers overcome obstacles. Ditch width slightly more than a meter is easy to jump. Through the earth mound to move more complicated, but still possible. The fence, which they say the builders, has only a few parts of the border between Russia and Ukraine. About motion sensors nobody here had not even heard. The project, which in Kiev like to call “the great Ukrainian wall,” if something is great, so it is estimated.

“The official price for today - more than eight billion hryvnia. This amount is approximately in the region of $ 300 million. Already spent last year 570 million hryvnia: half is allocated from the state budget, half came in the form of European grants. In the 2015 budget planned to allocate 300 million hryvnia, “- said the director of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management Ruslan Bortnik.

In September 2014, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk announced the launch of a new, strategically important state project. “We are starting the project” The Wall “. It is the construction of a real state border between Ukraine and Russia”, - said Ukrainian Prime Minister. Six weeks later, the prime minister is already at the checkpoint Goptovka evaluate the first results. Armored “Cougar” rides along the ditch, trying to find out from the accompanying soldier, and where the actual wall?

Yatsenyuk laughs, the results are not particularly impressive, but in front of cameras Prime evaluates them as “excellent”. And he says that the wall on the border with Russia for some reason, Ukraine should open the way to Europe.

“This is a guarantee of visa-free regime. This will help to stop the aggressor and saboteurs will allow Ukrainian armed forces to keep the first line of defense against an aggressor, which is the Russian Federation,” - said Yatsenyuk.

Footage over a year ago, show that since at the border between Ukraine and Russia the big changes have occurred. Working a little, almost no equipment. The project is the de facto frozen and officials about him seemed to have forgotten - no inspections, no statements.

“The project failed, the idea came to naught. Built of the facilities - earthworks, trenches, dugouts, but it is not equipped. These structures are exposed to the external environment, are destroyed. In terms of defense, it is dubious project - in the modern era technologies defensive lines stop some aggression impossible, “- shared his opinion of Ruslan Bortnik ………

14 November 2015

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