In the Urals businessman flunked a giant boar weighing half a ton

In the woods near the Lower Sergi, near the village of Shokurov hunter shot a huge boar. Mass production was more than 500 kilograms. More precisely it was not possible to determine: the balance is simply not designed for such weight.

I shot a boar 36-year-old resident of Chelyabinsk Peter Maximov, co-founder of the hunting farm “Andreev”. As the E1.RU businessman, he went hunting in the “magical” day –pyatnitsu 13th.

- Hunting for wild boar ran from tower to forage area. The first shot I struck his skin, but he was able to escape into the woods. After that I went to the ranger on his quest - said E1.RU Peter Maximov. - For a long time we could not get out on his trail, but in the end were able to detect a drop of blood. When we caught up with him, he lay still alive in the snow. We again shot, but after that the animal came down on us. We had to hide behind a tree and make the decisive shot, after which he fell down dead.

According to the businessman, he has been hunting since 18 years and it is the first such large-scale mining.

- Wild boar was so big that we could not even load it into the car. The carcass had to attach a cable to the car and so carry. We drove through the village is already late in the evening, the people who saw us, were very surprised - says Peter Maximov.

23 November 2015

Today in Russia Day of missile troops and artillery
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