Rosturizm proposed to introduce a system to Russian resorts “all inclusive”

This must be done for attraction of domestic resorts[[t:tag slug=zdravnica]resorts, including the Crimea, the head of the department, Oleg Safonov

Rosturizm proposed to introduce a system to Russian resorts “all inclusive”. This must be done for attraction of domestic resorts, including the Crimea, he said in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” head of the department, Oleg Safonov. According to him, in particular, the peninsula can take twice as holidaymakers than it is now, including at the expense of all inclusive.

For the development of tourism infrastructure necessary to enter preferences for business and work to improve the quality of the service, said the head of the federal agency.

Earlier, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia have not noticed a growing interest in domestic tourism after the closure of the two popular tourist destinations - Turkey and Egypt. Instead, the increased demand for travel to the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Israel.

7 December 2015

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