Wirtschaftswoche: Germany lost respect in the eyes of Russians

Tourist attraction Germany has fallen considerably in the eyes of the Russians in the last year. They believe that in matters of the Ukrainian crisis and sanctions against Russia Berlin decides not alone, writes the German edition.

This year the number of Russian tourists in Germany declined significantly, and the reason for this was not only economic conditions. In the wake of the growing patriotic citizens of Russia show more cold attitude to the Germans, believing that German policy is often dictated by the instructions of Washington, writes Wirtschaftswoche.

Observing the behavior of Germany in the international arena, the Russians have become increasingly convinced that the decision of the federal government’s often repeated US response. Because of this, the citizens of the Russian Federation began to lose interest in travel to Germany, the article says.

Meanwhile, the decrease in the flow of tourists from Russia has a direct impact on the German economy. According to a study conducted by the publication, by reducing the number of visitors from the Russian Federation, the German economy this year has lost at least 275 million euros. According to data published by the German Federal Statistical Office, the number of Russian visitors has decreased by 30 percent compared with the 2014 year. Especially hard it had three German industry - retail, tourism and health recreation, the author notes.

“Russian tourists - a very good customers, so they are no detrimental effect on our economy”, - quotes the edition of Managing Director CityPartnerMünchen Wolfgang Fischer.

The most serious damage due to the outflow of tourists suffered managers of hotels in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Dresden, as these cities are particularly popular among Russian citizens.

At the same time, Russia has witnessed a significant rise in domestic tourism - many Russians went this year in the Crimea, and plan to spend the winter holidays in Sochi, the newspaper writes, with reference to the statement made earlier by the press-secretary Irina Rostourism Schegolkova.

21 December 2015

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