In New York, could be fined $ 250 thousand. For insulting transgender

The City of New York Commission on Human Rights released a new guide on protecting the rights of transgender people. Now, no one has the right to call a man a man, if he considers himself a woman - and vice versa. It is also forbidden to deny transgender women to visit the ladies’ restroom, even if she looks like a man. At the same time it is not necessary to transgender show no evidence of gender. Author of books on transgender Walt Heyer said the authorities protecting transgender people, do not care about other people.

Authorities in New York have tightened the law to protect the rights of transgender people, and those who do not consider themselves to a particular floor, adding to its range of new rules. Document Commission adopted New York for the Protection of Human Rights and supported the mayor of Bill de Blasio.

According to the law, the other person should be treated, using the name he prefers. For example, you can not talk about transgender women “lord” or “he” if it is made clear that it prefers the feminine.

You can not prohibit a woman trasngendernoy use the ladies’ restroom. However, by themselves transsexuals no evidence is required.

What people think New Yorkers about the new law?

“Some women are outraged that the men are allowed to go into the women’s restroom. They complain,” - said one woman. Now, however, wrongly call them “men” if they were female, or perceive themselves as. “This is a very complicated question. After all, if you can inadvertently offend homosexuals” - thought New Yorker.

According to one young man, the law potentially fraught with danger. “Someone may be exercised in order to stick to the women in the toilets of bars and nightclubs, for example. And you will prove nothing,” - he said.

He added that if the men’s room in a lady came and said that it is - a man, he would have been embarrassing and many men are embarrassed. According to him, this could be perceived as an invasion of its territory.

Tolerance is just as important as freedom of speech and belief, but we should not forget that private life is inviolable. And here we are talking about a very intimate question.

Very skeptical about the new law applies, in particular, Walt Heyer, who twice made surgery for the correction of sex, first sex changed from male to female, and then vice versa. He believes that the rules may do more harm than good ………

2 January 2016

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