In the Trans-Baikal region on the river Onon fishermen found a gold Buddha head (Travels in Zabaykalyu.Splav of Onon)

In 2015, near the village of Onon-Hult Here off the coast, at a depth of about 60 centimeters in the sand, the travelers during the rafting on the river, found the four-faced Buddha head. The head is made of yellow metal and is well preserved. On the statue had traces of black plaque, similar to soot.

Shovel banged on metal, something glittered yellow. We got, washed in the river. I did the head. Hollow. Inside it is rolled. We decided to pick up and put in Chita, Doctors, - says the author of the video.

But later, when the four-faced deity after the discovery of the yellow metal, the weather turned bad and heavy rain started strong, the fishermen decided to return to his native fold of the discovery of the river Onon.

16 January 2016

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