Cemil received the Order of Merit in the fight against fascism in Russia

February 8 at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center were awarded the Order of People’s Deputy Mustafa Cemil anti-Putin coalition “Stop Fascism in Russia” for achievements in the struggle against fascism in Russia.

In his speech after the award Cemil told how the Soviet period of Russian history and of contemporary.

“After WWII there was hope that with the extreme nationalism in the world finally finished, although the reasons for such hopes were not very many, because one of the members of the anti-Hitler coalition was the Soviet Union, where the totalitarian ideology of intolerance of dissent is not much different from the German or Italian fascism “- began Cemil.

He further stated that the USSR carried out a large-scale crime and before the Second World War, and during the (Holodomor, genocide, deportation, ethnic cleansing, mass executions, and so on. D.). In particular, said Cemil, as a result of famine across the Soviet Union died about 9 million people.

“It was hoped that after the Russian Union finally become democratic civilized state, but these hopes did not come true - followed bloody wars of extermination against the Chechen people, who decided to exercise their right to self-determination”, - the MP continued.

In addition, he accused the Russian government of indulging in chauvinistic and fascist organizations in initiating arrests and assassinations of the opposition, and in the attack on Georgia and Ukraine.

“The war in Georgia and the treacherous attack on Ukraine showed that little has changed in Russia”, - said Dzhemilev.

10 February 2016

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