Oktoberfest starts today - the world's largest beer festival. Millions of visitors, the sea of beer and without crisis.

This holiday begins on Saturday at noon, when the Lord Mayor of Munich Christian Ude in the 17 th anniversary will be officially launched at Terezin meadows beloved by millions of people around the world famous "Oktoberfest," the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Oktoberfest (Oktoberfest) - the world's largest beer festival. It takes place in the Bavarian capital - Munich, starting on the third weekend of September and lasts 16 days. Oktoberfest attracts each year about 6 million visitors, [2] arriving in Munich from all parts of Bavaria and Germany as well as from other countries.

Of the 42 hectares of the total area of grassland Terezin (Major and Minor) under the "Oktoberfest" in this year's busy 31 hectares, which stretched the traditional 14 large beer tents holidays and dozens of small tents, beer gardens, pavilions, kiosks and numerous attractions.

The global crisis could not interfere with the beer festival, so that at exactly 12.00 local time (14.00 Moscow time), we again hear the increased world-television radio broadcasts joyful "Open", Christian Ude more joyful "Pour!" tens of thousands of visitors the first "Oktoberfest 2009".

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