Novgorod Notes 1150-years anniversary

As the press office of the Administration of the Novgorod region, before the official opening ceremonies in St. Sophia Cathedral, urban churches and monasteries will be the Divine Liturgy. Vigil and Liturgy will serve in all churches of all the days of the festival - from 19 to 21 September.

In the jubilee celebrations in the city will be fair achievements of Agriculture municipal districts "Guest gatherings", fair crafts and trades "Vezelay bargain", an exhibition and sale and tasting of products of the city "nourishing the ranks.

At Yaroslav's Court will open an interactive site Travny yard, Measuring yard torturer yard, shop changed, Training Yard "Az-Buki-contend. Those who visit will come as the "Fun yard, where will be traditional games and amusements XI-XIX centuries. It also will be fistfights in memory of Prince Alexander Nevsky.

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• The initial point of trade »»»
In the initial stages of its development is intertribal trade phenomenon.
• In Moscow will be a museum of Angels »»»
Museum of Angels opens on January 26 at the shrine of St.
• 5 and 6 September Moscow celebrates 862 years of City Day. Day of Moscow this year will be celebrated widely, but sparingly. In those days all the capital's museums are free. »»»
The global financial crisis has affected the financing of the festive events dedicated to the city in the capital.
• On exhibition at the Kamchatka Administration removed the caricature of Putin, Medvedev and the oligarchs »»»
April 26, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky exhibition of 34-year-old talented cartoonist Dennis Lopatin.
• In Moscow, EroExpo - Exhibition for market professionals for adults. »»»
In the largest exhibition center of Moscow, an exhibition “EroExpo” - communication platform for players of products for adults.