Ferrari will racing Disneyland “in UAE

To services of visitors of the park will be 24 Ferrari attraction. Among them, special attention should be given 70-meter tower G-Power Tower, jumping from which (naturally, with the tether), you can experience the free fall acceleration, and more interesting the world’s first parallel roller coaster, where the truck with the passengers could even overtake one another .

13 February 2007 | attention, attraction, fall, passenger, slide, tower, uae, visitor, world

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• In Moscow on March 13 starting Russian "Disneyland" »»»
In Moscow on March 13 will be the opening of one of Russia’s largest indoor amusement parks Happylon.
• In Belarus, to build "Slavic Disneyland, where Mickey Mouse will replace the Russian and Belarusian heroes of fairy tales »»»
The Belarusian going to build a "Slavic Disneyland, where Mickey Mouse will replace the American heroes of the Russian and Belarusian tales.
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One of the main Russian trouble - death on the roads - loudly reminded of himself all week.
• New services at the airport in Dubai »»»
On Tuesday, representatives of the airport in Dubai announced that passengers with only hand luggage, we introduce a special service.
• In Florida, built a magical world of Harry Potter »»»
In the theme park Universal Resort, which is located in the city of Orlando (Florida), open complex of attractions for fans of "books about Harry Potter.