Competition for interviewing victims and employers =)

“Fads employment”
Tournament disgruntled employees
Now any employee can get even with the labor absurd. Tell us what you are confused, shocked, unfazed at the time of employment or recruitment: c moment of a vacancy prior to registration in the state.

Perhaps the employer or the applicant had you play the trombone, whiff at his pipe, to swear in humanity, to answer stupid questions. By 20 May will be collected a complete set of the vagaries of employment, and Built by …

22 March 2007 | appearance, clearance, contest, employee, employer, officer, state, tournament, victim

Baltika starts production of “live” beer
Nargen - an island in the Gulf of Finland

• Injuries in employment is awarded the gold »»»
At the start of the tournament disgruntled employees “Fads employment”.
• Bride for jihadists. As I was recruited as an Islamic state? Who in the first place can be a victim of recruiters? »»»
Great Caliphate, or ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Great Syria - further IG), with each passing day recruits into its ranks more and more citizens of Europe and America.
• The test, which will surprise you! »»»
This test will surprise you! It is not necessary any paper or pencil or a calculator.
• The new novel about Fandorin became a bestseller in the first day of sales »»»
Sales of the new novel by Boris Akunin “The Whole World Theater.
• The programming language of the future - today »»»
Who invent the programming language of the future One of the striking developments of the last decade - is the emergence of multiple languages by dug sources, such as Perl, Python and Ruby.