Liars, liars!

When in Sparta, a boy, he carefully examined and, if the baby was small and frail, he dropped into the abyss. Togo, who survived, tempered in the flames of battle. Husbands Spartans were taught not to notice the cold, do not feel pain, do not know fear, to break the wild beasts with their bare hands, to strive for victory at any cost. They are preparing for war, death, to the fact that the world is cruel, and the gods know no pity.
But neither the Spartans nor the Boy Scouts nor the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not prepared for the 1 st April - World Day of fools.

31 March 2007 | baby, boy, liar, sparta

Mechanical insects and spiders
From office romance to a spat - a stone’s throw

• Hymn beer »»»
In your hand - cold, sweating bottle. Nice weight. On the street - plus 29, as can be, plus 32.
• Barack Obama twice disgraced the funeral of Nelson Mandela. "Where are you, Odysseus, his wife, child?" »»»
U.S. President twice disgraced at the funeral in South Africa dedicated to saying goodbye to Nelson Mandela.
• Alarm clock-bomb »»»
For fans of unusual and cruel alarm clocks - the completion of the collection!
• Top New Record »»»
10 Let’s start with snowmen. The world’s largest snowman. His blind in America in 1999, and its height - 34 meters 63 cm do not know what they used instead of the carrot, but instead of hands he had the most real Christmas trees each - three meters in length.
• The tail wags Saddam: how the CIA wanted to discredit Hussein »»»
According to the publication of The Washington Post, several former CIA officials.