“Soap bubbles” on Malaya Sadovaya

April 8 (Sunday) at 14.00 Moscow time, on Malaya Sadovaya street: the action “Bubbles in St. Petersburg. Planned to move slowly from Malaya Sadovaya to the area of arts, delighting passers-by! Available accessories for throwing bubbles and excellent mood is welcome. The action coincided with Easter. Those interested can take the painted eggs!

5 April 2007 | action, april, arts, bubble, petersburg, small garden, square, sunday

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Recently appeared in a Youtube video one very curious: it three employees of public utilities in orange vests throw scoops of reagent body moving truck "Gazelle".
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- How will you meet your anniversary, in what mood? - No celebrations we have not planned, just open a bottle of champagne, all will be the most conservative manner.