Mexico: floating pyramids will open a new page in the construction of hotels

Soon luxury cruise ships will no longer be called “floating hotels” - for the simple reason that there will be regular floating hotels. According to CNN, a Swedish company, “Oceanic-Creations” said the construction of new composite materials floating commercial and residential buildings around the world. The first major project of the company - Maya Hotel - is estimated to cost 209 million dollars and will be built south of Cancun (Mexico) in the Caribbean Sea. It is expected that the hotel will receive its first visitors in 2010. The company plans to build hotels, casinos and even entire floating city. They will be built from the unique plastic composites, which are commonly used in military industry. All the buildings will be a special exclusion, which would make them suitable for any climate. This material is 6 times lighter and 10 times stronger than steel. Of particular interest is the company takes in the Arab Emirates, where they believe these hotels will be in demand.

28 April 2007 | building, company, construction, hotel, information, material, mexico, pyramid, world

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