Bill Clinton to Yeltsin in his memoirs: "Special forces caught drunk president of Russia on the streets of the U.S. capital in the same underwear"

The author of the book, her schoolmate and historian Taylor Branch (Taylor Branch) Clinton said that once after a night drinking Yeltsin disappeared from his apartment in the mansion of Blair House, which placed high foreign guests of the president. Later, at 3 am, officers discovered the secret services of Russia's president on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of Blair House, in her underwear. Yeltsin tried to catch a lift, and could barely get the words, explained to U.S. security guards that he wanted to eat pizza.

The next day with a drunken president of Russia again suffered embarrassment. Night Concierge Blair House, not knowing in the late visitor in a state of extreme intoxication Head of State of Russia, refused to let him inside until the situation has not allowed special agents arrived.

Incidents of drunken Yeltsin was hushed up, but Branch leads in his book readings 79 people who witnessed an unpleasant incident.

Book Pultserovskoy Prize winner Taylor Branch, records of conversations with Clinton: President another story "(The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History with the President) will be released this week. The basis of a 700-page opus went to Taylor's interview with Bill Clinton, made in the period from 1993 to 2001. Thus the idea of such meetings, which were usually late at night, belonged to Clinton, says Branch told USA Today. Former U.S. president obviously wants to leave his description of what happens behind the scenes of the White House.

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