On eBay, sold a former POW camp, which is positioned as "a unique place to relax"

Former British POW camp during World War II for sale on internet auction site eBay for 900 thousand pounds ($ 1.4 million). The object is positioned as "a unique place for recreation.

Camp Harperli "(Harperley Prisoner of War Camp) is located in the vicinity of the village of Crook in the north-east Britain. During the Second World War are housed Italian prisoners of war and the Germans, said agency dpa.

In 2004 the site was converted into a tourist attraction. However, the plans for further modernization of the owners of the former camp can not be realized due to lack of funds, prompting them to put the object on sale.

The complex includes 49 houses for prisoners of war, restaurant, shop and museum. In addition, the object is attached permission to build 13 houses for the country rest.

30 September 2009 | camp, ebay, object, place, recreation, sale, second, time, war

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