Striptease - Dance without complexes!

Striptease as a phenomenon some of us are not quite like. “It is immoral!” - Said both were cut off. But let’s not shoot from the hip, because there are those who perceive the kind of undress to the music man is not otherwise as art. A statement of fact: there is a strip-tease, as there are connoisseurs, and his opponents.

So what is it? Dance that can extol the beauty of the human body, or a wholly owned vulgarity, justifying boundless freedom, but in fact, permissiveness? Seems to find the answer to this question is not simple. However, the attempt still stands as the strip-dance, even in our provincial town nobody will be surprised. Not only that - there are Norilsk and school striptease.

So. First, let offer a brief historical inquiry.

Striptease - from the English “strip” - “strip”, “tease” - “teasing. This dance appeared in ancient times and was intended to delight the gods. Indian dancer-Bayadera danced in the pagodas (special memorial buildings - stores of relics). Officially, they were declared servant of the altar. For the emancipation of women priests used the head stupefying incense, which Bayadera dushilis.

Homeland strip in its modern form is France. But until the end of XIX century, the most that was permitted to see men - a small piece of bare skin, the prisoner’s arms stocking and garters. But in the summer of 1893, 111 years ago, during the traditional ball, students of art schools, two young ladies, hot atmosphere and the champagne, jumped on the table and listening to the music slowly began to undress before them there was not a single wave rag. Such actions have caused a wave of protests, there have been several clashes with vigilante, one of the defenders of freedom of nudity was killed. Passions were real hard, but the students prevailed: the taboo on the strip was removed.

What are we worse? You might be surprised, but, according to historians, Lenin seriously thinking about the organization nudist beaches, and Kharkiv remembers crowds of naked people who are 20 years of the last century, staged a demonstration under the slogan “Down with shame”. Subsequently, as we know, the country covered the nakedness of a revolutionary, and the remark “We have a no sex!” sounded almost like an incurable diagnosis.

Now we have sex. In addition, we learned that the strip - it is not hidden form of prostitution, and engaging the creative class. To engage in this and in our city are attached more and more young and more mature people.

8 June 2007 | arts, complex, dance, kind, man, music, phenomenon, shoulder, soul

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