Today, August 20 marks 75 years of famous Russian writer Vasily Aksenov

- How will you meet your anniversary, in what mood?
- No celebrations we have not planned, just open a bottle of champagne, all will be the most conservative manner. And come to Moscow - then it “razzudis, shoulder, razmahnis, hand.
- Now, turning back, what book Aksenova you would advise you to read the modern reader?
- Well first of all the recent - “Rare Earth”, to penetrate once in her grasp. Unfortunately, our public, or rather, not even the audience, and criticism, sadly, not able to formulate anything, can not evaluate the book, because some sad feeling arises. And at the same time, there are certain impulses of youth. That’s what amazes me. I do not feel today’s youth. But she did not turn away from my books, she reads, for example, “Moscow-qua-qua”, or “rare earth”, or the earlier books. This, however, a small but very interesting for me, a group of young people, here I am writing for them.
- That is the tastes and interests of the current young dudes are not you interested? Music they do not listen, they do not use slang?
- No, I try not to use slang. Of course, sometimes still happens, like all, but this language I do something strange. I use it when I write, one way or another, this is literature. I do not really clearly understand modern hobbies. Let’s rap - for me it is an alien thing, and I prefer to listen to today’s group, working in the aesthetics of rock, rock ‘n’ roll, swing and blues, in the aesthetics of the XX century. A rap I do not cause much enthusiasm.

19 August 2007 | august, book, bottle, image, mood, writer

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