How to read others' posts Vkontakte

Yesterday found such a service and kindly ohueli. I am sure that the site will soon be closed down and the programmers of Contact, who allowed such a hole or fired properly poimeyut. The site of course useless for me (I do not suffer from shadowing), but in fact opens the possibility to read other posts Vkontakte any user. For example, I looked into the reports of his faithful friend and that's the message I did not like from you, Asechka (I understand that we're a long time does not occur, but the left and right do not need to tell all about me. Put away your jealousy … ). Warn that the service charge, will have to pay 100 rubles, but it can be within 15 days to read the messages up to 30 users anywhere. I still read three or more I do not need, with friends of my blog I will share.

12 November 2009 | contact, message, programmer, service, vkontakte, website

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Famous Russia portal Mail.Ru started testing the next web2.0 project entitled “My World”, through which all users can manage their own blogs, photos and videos from a single interface.
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Une page Web spéciale MegaFon Moscou peut faire message MMS jusqu’à 100 Ko avec le titre et le texte.
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In the Russian-speaking sector of the Internet has a new very interesting project - community Telefoner (www.
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With considerable regularity firm Povarezhka "promises to put on its new site povarezhka.