Warning - bots!

Recent studies of gambling analysts indicate that over the past five months there was a real boom in the use of bots (robot software, simulating the presence of a real player - approx. Trans.) At the various gambling sites. Researchers attribute this surge to the approval of U.S. law banning virtual gambling. Today, the density of bots is determined at intervals of every 20 to every 50 home computer, whereas a year ago they met at least an order of magnitude (from 200 - to 500).

7 September 2007 | month, player, research, use

In Singapore, will be the world’s highest Ferris wheel
Air India - the debut of the journal “Corporate”

• In the future, robots will have to beware of online poker sites »»»
Soon not only gamers online poker have worried, because of the fact that they play against stronger players, but professionals will meet with enemies who can be invincible, and this - a computer program.
• Las Vegas lost the title to the Chinese gambling capital of Macau »»»
After the Las Vegas casinos have published data on income for the year 2006, the world capital of gambling officially became Macao, Hong Kong media reported.
• The British ban on visiting a casino after two months of a win-win game at roulette »»»
British casinos banned to visit their establishments 38-year Balvinderu Sambi.
• "Dream House" opened at Disneyland »»»
“Dream House” - one of the most futuristic attractions Disneyland - opened on Monday in Anaheim, Florida, USA.
• Army of anti-fans of the XBOX 360 is configured seriously! »»»
In the network for several months living site, which calls not to buy the XBOX 360 consoles, as it has serious errors and does not refine and break down very quickly without the possibility of repair.