Spichkostrel - nostalgia for childhood

Wooden clothespin - is the material from which you can make a lot of interesting things. Opens a series of publications on this subject - odd job spichkostrel. In the most pins, needle files and threads, we do not need. And after finishing the “weapon” worthy ending the work week guaranteed. The main thing is not to get into the eye his neighbor on the desktop.

13 September 2007 | bulk, childhood, material, pins, spichkostrela, subject

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• Appliances calculating various embroidery stitches »»»
Cross-stitch. Cross stitch is not difficult. The main thing to consider exactly crosses the scheme and to implement them all in one direction.
• Singing Bowl. How to use. »»»
Singing Bowl came to us from Tibet. This subject is still considered one of the most amazing and mysterious things in our world.
• Voice of the Fatherland Pirates »»»
Should you be interested in a long time, who translates pirated movies.
• Help compiling things on the trip »»»
In the rush before going there so many questions in my head, about the basic things that you can easily forget.
• Red string of luck »»»
Not all celebrities are superstitious. Many of them are just different items as accessories.