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4 October 2009 | image, joke, mood, music, photo, program, soft, website

Anomalous zone
Pazlomanyak or how to assemble a puzzle of 13 thousand parts

• The British invented the Internet yet another crazy fun - flying over the basin »»»
New entertainment invented in the UK bored youth. Once no longer a rarity deadly “planking” and “balkoning” young men and women who have nothing better to do.
• New levels of entertainment »»»
Each of us probably went to a entertainment portal in search of humor or jokes, and what we saw there: jokes, pictures, funny stories of, in short everywhere the same.
• My World of Mail.RU »»»
Famous Russia portal Mail.Ru started testing the next web2.0 project entitled “My World”, through which all users can manage their own blogs, photos and videos from a single interface.
• FenikS and Devil & »»»
On the site you can download for free movie you are looking for, as well as soft, music and much more.
• Resurrection of slides on the Internet »»»
Many of those who are now over 30, a child was a slide projector and a set of slides.