Black Eyed Peas was detained at the border with Russia

American artists seven o’clock detained at Domodedovo airport due to the fact that they were in their passports visas, effective from September 20 - the date on which they assigned an address in Moscow!

In Russia, a popular group arrived two days before the concert. On the runway Business Aviation Center of Warsaw’s private plane landed on schedule. Musicians could not wait to get to the hotel, as before they gave a big concert in the capital of Poland and they very much wanted to sleep.

Imagine their surprise when the passport control the border guards told them that they have no right to let them into the territory of Russia. The fact that visas for all musicians, and technician team would only take effect from 20 th day of, and they came 18 th.

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Moscow International Week of Crafts “ASSEMBLY CRAFTS”
Moscow started the parade of underground musicians

• Moscow started the parade of underground musicians »»»
Moscow started the parade of underground musicians; within three days, pedestrians can enjoy the virtuoso playing, as Russian and foreign jazz musicians in Moscow started the parade of underground musicians.
• New rules for obtaining a visa in the UAE »»»
At that time, as the Egyptians save on stamps, which are pasted in the passport, the UAE also decided usovershestvovat process of obtaining visas for foreigners.
• Makarevich canceled tour of Ukraine due to health problems »»»
Russian musician, leader of the Time Machine Andrei Makarevich suffered a concert tour in Ukraine with the program LOVE for spring 2015.
• Musicians will arrange a "watchdog walk" along the boulevards of Moscow after the artists and writers »»»
Another action, entitled “Control walk” after the writers and artists are going to take place in the center of Moscow by famous Russian artists.
• In Moscow, EroExpo - Exhibition for market professionals for adults. »»»
In the largest exhibition center of Moscow, an exhibition “EroExpo” - communication platform for players of products for adults.