Attractions death in modern Russia

One of the main Russian trouble - death on the roads - loudly reminded of himself all week. In a car crash killed the governor of Kostroma oblast Victor Shershunov. Versions of what happened a lot: the main result has not yet decided as yet to complete the necessary expertise.

In the Krasnoyarsk region overturned bus with children: one child was killed, and various injuries to dozens. This incident revealed a number of problems.

According to official figures, since the victims of road accidents were more than 20 thousand people affected - under 190 thousand. The most common causes of accidents - at speeds of discord, violation of the rules at intersections and exit onto the oncoming traffic. The main types of accidents - pedestrian, vehicle collisions and overturning cars.

There is scope, which, according to popular opinion, not more dangerous than badminton. Experts believe that if you underestimate the threat, the shock would be guaranteed - especially the children suffer. And, incidentally, already suffering.

NTV correspondent Vladislav Sorokin learned than the risk of visitors to amusement parks and attractions, what and why, instead of pleasure can bring death.

Acceleration from the trolley of the attraction is comparable with fireballs “Formula 1″ - for four seconds to two hundred kilometers per hour. Price of the project was 25 million.

Today is the largest Russian roller coaster in the world, with Russia, although they did not unite. We and the other scale, and small cars do not fly, but rather a roll, but the tickets are cheaper. Otherwise the cost is not justified.

At Alexander Leontiev in Nizhny Novgorod, almost all roundabouts expensive, from Germany. In the pursuit of profit businessman makes imported machinery to work all year round.

Alexander Leontiev, CEO of amusement park: “The Germans were surprised, but we are working. There are problems only with the” caterpillar “, children’s roller coaster ride - it’s cold, his face froze, but nothing. Basically all the rides in winter operate.

But those who inherited the Soviet “Surprises” and “Orbits” continuous losses. Such, for example, statistics from the Perm region.

Alexander Solovyov, director of the Perm City amusement park: “Less than half can buy one or two of the attraction of the year, while the remaining parks are forced to work on the old worn-out equipment.”

Stamp “used” in Omsk park can be put almost every carousel. Tim summer while working one of these booths jerked the door opened, and five-year girl fell to the ground. As a result, she received a compression fracture of the eighth vertebra. Nastia first three weeks lay in surgery, then learned to walk again.

Natalia Knyazev, mother Nastia Kniazeva: “The problem - in the height of the vertebrae. Lechimsya We are now in its fifth month and can not raise them.”

The owner of a virtual reality simulator now face a very real term. As found in the prosecutor’s office, is guilty not only a businessman, whose attraction is not passed Preseason check. In a country not at all relevant law, so no one sorted out, is safe if Omsk “Skat”.

Oksana Zotov, Senior Assistant Prosecutor of the Omsk City: “Because of the gap in the legislation of private amusement checked private traders. Ensure the safety of the citizens of neither we nor the public authorities can not.”

The right to control the attractions Duma deputies gave the regions. But how to do it, do not say. In Moscow only after the catastrophe, “Surprise” in Lianozovo government conceived and created the special inspection. Now officials are issuing tickets to owners of the park inspection, similar to that in the SAI are motorists.

To get the card to be tested. The park comes to an engineer, tapping the gavel, measures the rate of wear of the metal.

Andrew Ignatkin, engineer-destructive testing: “Perhaps the emergence of microcracks, which did not immediately see. Therefore, there is the instrument sonoprobe”

But beyond the Moscow ring - another system. In regions with private businesses are trying not to get involved. All the same powers no.

Alex Kuligin specialist Annunciation urban governance culture: “Those rides private traders who are in gorparka, we try to control under the same rules as their own. But on the other hand, we can not fully control them, because they are outside our competence. ”

It turns out that no one has authority over private roundabouts, even if officials from the department of culture there is no jurisdiction. The owners of inflatable trampoline in Hilok no permission was not. And nothing worked. No one overcast day not disaster struck.

Tatiana Yavkina, grandmother of the child victim: “Why under these circumstances, when stormy weather, our children flew like balls?”

Hurricane turned the trampoline. As a result, three children were taken away in an ambulance. Little Vic died in hospital.

In spite of all accidents, experts assure safe attraction is nothing there.

Boris Rabinovich, PhD: “Throughout the world statistics, attractions are in the bottom line of danger. Badminton and he is superior to injury than the rides”

In the Manufacturers Association of attractions in order to eliminate the regulatory vacuum wrote the law on technical regulations. He then must answer who, when and as required to verify complex machines. The document first sent to the Duma, but after a couple of months the law was missing.

Vladimir Gnezdilov, president of Russia Association of Amusement: Amusement Safety Act 14 months ago, was sent from the Duma to the government. He is 14 months under examination.

Experts do not like the law of the Government. They say he is too lobbyist, protects the interests of business rather than consumers. Although the replacement of him, either deputies or attorneys of the Cabinet can not offer.

It turns out a paradoxical situation: the state is involved in regulating the market rides only on the initial stage, when granted authorization to engage in entrepreneurial activities. But then the safety of fans the thrill law is not guaranteed.

Therefore, buying a ticket to the attraction and can only hope that the owner of the park in good faith, passes all the checks - plus, of course, remains the hope that this time the machine will not fail.

As summarized, for example, in Kurgan. People first have been waiting for, when will launch big swing, then cursed. But escaping to freedom, angry fans ride with the wind wanted to explain the techniques, as it is unpleasant to hang in the air half an hour.

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