In Moscow will host a mini-film festival art-house film “Autumn euphoria”

C 11 to 17 October. “Euphoria” to visit us year-round now, and every season it is different. Autumn - the most consequential since it was at this time all the major fruits ripen on the tree Arthouse, “- said program coordinator Mahmoud Rasul-zade.
The present art-house hit organizers called the drama of the Belgian director Sam Garbarski “Irina Palm is better” (Irina Palm) c Marianne Faithfull in the role of a housewife who became a porn star-business. This painting will be shown at the opening.
“Tuya’s Marriage” (Tuya de Hun Shi) Wang Chuananya won this year in Berlin, and “Lust” (Se Jie) by Ang Lee - in Venice. Both films - totally different, filmed in China by Chinese producers. “Lust” - one of the most scandalous erotic movies of the season, fighting for the vote in the U.S. box office.

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Landmark events of 20 century in Birah Teddy (Teddy Bear `s)
Nike SB - will present in Moscow on a new film about skateboarding

• Vin Diesel to make a film. »»»
Hollywood actor Vin Diesel in 2007, he is going to make a film on the “dead language.
• In Moscow, Russia died a well-known actor Vadim Zakharchenko »»»
According to his daughter, the last six years is not an actor appeared in films due to poor health, although the proposals were very much.
• Nike SB - will present in Moscow on a new film about skateboarding »»»
Unit goods for skateboarding in addition to high-tech garments recently released film “Nothing But Truth”.
• Museum potato fries has opened in Belgium »»»
Museum one of the most beloved Belgian national dishes - “Frith”, better known as fries or french fries, “opened in the heart of the Belgian city of Bruges, who, through his penetrating channel called” Northern Venice “.
• The world-famous film star Brigitte Bardot marks 75 anniversary »»»
Known at the time the world film star Brigitte Bardot is celebrating its 75 anniversary.