IV Internet-festival “Theater Wide Web

Today the performance of the St. Petersburg Drama Theater “Comedians” complete IV Marathon Internet-festival “Theater Wide Web. This year, Internet users watched performances of theater in Moscow, Alma-Ata, Perm, Omsk, Petrozavodsk, and Tel Aviv. “Theater Wide Web, and showed snippets of other theater festivals.

24 October 2007 | internet, internet festival, moscow, performance, theater, user, web

New acquaintances. New faces.
Anthill your home:)

• In St. Petersburg, is a theatrical festival "Baltic house". »»»
This year, in parallel with him in St. Petersburg is also the festival “Aleksandrinsky” gathering in Russia’s oldest stage performances of the nation’s largest theaters in Europe.
• In Moscow will host theater festival, where children play »»»
Festival “Prologue” issues zachetki! Continues Completion of the students on short-term modular courses MIOO “Dramaturgy and Directing Fairy Tales” (36 audit hours per module), which will be held during the festival theaters, where children play, “Prologue-2006″.
• Rap in the theater »»»
Performance: “Seth Arena II (rap in the theater)” rap concert with the participation of: DJ N-Tone and playaCritical In his own poetry metropolis.
• Fireworks Festival in Moscow: how it was, a selection of photos and video »»»
Friday took place in Moscow V Festival fireworks, which was attended by five fireworks teams.
• June 29 - Festival MC »»»
June 29 will be a traditional, 22-th in a row, the feast of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” in Luzhniki.