In St. Petersburg, is a theatrical festival “Baltic house”.

This year, in parallel with him in St. Petersburg is also the festival “Aleksandrinsky” gathering in Russia’s oldest stage performances of the nation’s largest theaters in Europe. Almost simultaneously, these festivals come for two very different “Macbeth. Baltic House, this time completely devoted to creativity Eimuntas Nekrosius. And although the task of every festival is first and foremost is to open the audience something new, the organizers of the St. Petersburg forum would like to support in every way. Nekrosius’s not just an outstanding director. He was a key figure in shaping our understanding of modern directing. This becomes especially clear when comparing the two productions of Shakespeare’s great tragedy, by chance bystanders.

24 October 2007 | eimuntas nekrosius, europe, festival, house, performance, petersburg, stage, theater

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• IV Internet-festival "Theater Wide Web »»»
Today the performance of the St. Petersburg Drama Theater “Comedians” complete IV Marathon Internet-festival “Theater Wide Web.
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Festival “Prologue” issues zachetki! Continues Completion of the students on short-term modular courses MIOO “Dramaturgy and Directing Fairy Tales” (36 audit hours per module), which will be held during the festival theaters, where children play, “Prologue-2006″.
• IV Internet-Festival "Theater Wide Web »»»
Heute ist die Leistung der St. Petersburger Theater Theater “Comedians” complete IV Marathon Internet-Festival “Theater Wide Web.
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In Novgorod Theatre for Children and Youth “Small” staged as spam, according to a local Internet portal “Your News”.
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Aujourd’hui, la performance des comédiens “Saint-Pétersbourg, Théâtre dramatique” complet IV Marathon festival d `Internet” Theater Wide Web.