Pioneer the new year

Original way to celebrate the New Year is available to everyone: you should make a bit of fantasy to the event, which in itself is traditionally - in fact runs consistently every year in the same day, at the same hour. Abstracted from the tradition of meeting the new year passed in Russia, it is possible to vary the beginning of a new year exciting scenarios: for example, to celebrate the New Year in style of the Brazilian carnival, or a friendly KVN or choose your favorite style of holiday musical direction. It is only at first glance creativity in the New Year scenario seems difficult, go for it - in everything!

Suppose that you have already seen a lot in his lifetime - and in the organization of the New Year holidays, too. And in Moscow greeted the new year, and skiing in the Alps, riding, and a visit to Youl Buk-gu (Finnish Santa Claus) on snowmobiles traveled … Yes, and the house tried many options celebratory feast. But how could you forget about the time when every child a decent “for believing a little mischief? Yes! This is a favorite time of the school: years of October and pioneers. Try to think of children’s pranks and celebrate the New Year in pioneer.

If we are in the forest was born the same herringbone, then chop it at the very root - is unethical, unsightly and environmentally unfriendly. But since no Christmas trees in the New Year holiday was needed, she did not let us go, and we to it. Venue - a winter cottage, preferably with a fireplace and sauna, not far from the forest, where there is a meadow, where the tree grows. Or spruce. Props: in addition to traditional dishes, drinks and gifts need:

Petrol-powered electricity (if no extra $ 300-350, can be rented);
LED yellow and green (for 20 rubles. Thing);
Corks of champagne;
Coil maximum dark filaments;
Two decent sound reproducing apparatus, with the inclusion of which does not hear a typical mouse;
Batteries “Crown”;
Portable TV;
Two duvet covers (no hole in the middle);
Candles tablets with pallets (many);
Validol and valokordin for particularly nervous.

And also: nesmeshlivy, but resourceful and artistic master of the party, a couple is not too frivolous assistants. And other things.

Tactics: in essence it is - the usual holiday buffet, but a few minutes before the President’s speech all invited to get dressed and leave. Then - on the path, marked with burning candles in snowdrifts up to glades. Herringbone, burn! And it burns. Under it - a TV with Putin and chimes. Superdomashnyaya cozy atmosphere. On the ninth blow pops champagne. On the twelfth all clink glasses and drink. Then again poured and the owner proclaims: “And now let us …” Christmas tree illuminations, and television are being cut down. Comes the most exciting time scenario of the New Year show. Pitch darkness and discouraged silence (more than five seconds can not count). On the right is heard crunching branches and become visible to two or three pairs of fuzzy yellow-green eyes. Almost immediately, from left to hear the quiet whine and again - break out someone’s eyes. A moment later, the top start to a threatening whisper branches. Then right - zavylo. Left - cracked. Eyes rarely blink … Those 30-40 seconds (then, of course, all realized what was going on) of the new year, many will remember for a long time.

Technology: guests arrive after dark. And therefore particularly mask props do not need. The task master and assistants not only to decorate the house for the new year, but also wear a large main track and two small, parallel to it. The Christmas tree - garland lights. In the distant trees on the right and left - LEDs, hidden in a champagne cork (so that the light was diffuse) and paired together. Power supply - battery. Switch - plate-pimpochka. Pulled the rope - is contact. Tie a couple of woods to the branches (the highest, to what dolezete). At the end of each fishing line - pen-wand to pull it more convenient. In the tape recorder or cellphones - soundtrack of crackling-howling. And do not forget to place a candle-light along the main path. And when all will be - to repay them. Duvet covers, camouflage coveralls and parallel paths - for assistants. That’s all. Have a terrible New Year!

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