House of 13 thousand biscuits, meringues and cream sloek built in Japan

Height edible structure is 2 meters 70 centimeters.

From 23 November to 25 December in Tokyo theme park “Namkha Nanjo town” for a nominal fee fairytale cottage will be able to see the general public. About his future newspaper does not report.

27-year-old confectioner Toshiyuki Tada, who take the trouble to create a “sweet home”, reported that in preparing the “building materials” it does not use oil, but richly seasoned with cinnamon. This enabled the construction of long-term storage, he says.

Nevertheless, the walls, roof, windows and detail fashioned pipe chimney are a single unit and looks very impressive.

Interestingly, the house, created by Japanese adept, has committed a European appearance. It could serve as an illustration of the famous fairy tale “Gingerbread House” by Charles Perrault - that and look inside spreads light and the magic begins …

21 November 2007 | december, height, house, house, japan, november, park, public, thousand

Duck breast (postscript)
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