Horrors of design: the meat toilet

We have already heard and seen musical toilets, quiet toilet, toilet without washing with water (with chemical sterilization), “dressed” toilets and even toilets, which increase the vitality of man. But do you know what’s missing in this list? Try to guess. See also the picture. It’s Meat Toilet (WC born from the “meat”).

18 December 2007 | design, man, water, wc

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Horoscope for 2008

• Toilet restaurant: shock - this is our way! »»»
Perhaps the most shocking restaurant world (after Japan’s “Cannibal Banquet”) is open in the Chinese city of Taipei.
• Preparation of beef for food »»»
In the corned contains a lot of salt (from 6 to 12 per cent).
• In Moscow, Russia died a well-known actor Vadim Zakharchenko »»»
According to his daughter, the last six years is not an actor appeared in films due to poor health, although the proposals were very much.
• Gidrozorb - walking on water »»»
In Russia, a new kind of attractions that are sure to impress fans of active rest - is riding a waterproof bladder or gidrozorbe.
• Halloween in Kyiv »»»
October 31 lounge-restaurant "Buddha-bar Kiev" invites all lovers of fine music of the legendary DJ Ravina (Dj.