Why are all Chinese look alike?

Experiments conducted at the University of Miami, showed why people are often unable to differentiate between people belonging to other races. The essence of this phenomenon can be illustrated by the European phrase “all Chinese look alike” or Chinese “all Europeans look the same.”

Previously, it was assumed that the reason for this is a small experience with representatives of other races. In societies where segregation was the norm, people do not have the experience of recognizing the characteristics of members of other races. Psychology, University of Miami argued that this phenomenon is another reason.

In their view, people unconsciously prefer to divide people into “us” and “them”, and “their”, he learns a lot better than “outsiders”. The division is carried out not only on race but on a different basis - membership in a particular social group, the general place of residence, the presence of common hobbies, etc.

1 January 2008 | chinese, experiment, face, man, phrase, race

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