February 14 in Russia no longer a holiday.

In Russia appear Christian holiday, designed to be a response to the Catholic St. Valentine’s Day, celebrated every 14 February. The new holiday would be called “Day of conjugal love and family happiness,” the agency “Russian news service”.

Saint Valentine’s Day is supposed to be appointed July 8 - the feast day of Saints Peter and Orthodox Fevronia, the rights to the land of Murom in the XIII century. The couple were a model of fidelity and love in old age became a monk and died in one hour. The relics of the couple buried in Murom Holy Trinity Monastery.

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Valentine’s Day - a Catholic holiday to celebrate it came to Russia from the West.
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Officially, Saint Valentine’s Day has been around more than 16 centuries, but the day of love known since ancient pagan cultures.
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In the Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14, at Kontraktova Square will be massively kiss.