Society "Red Rose" tells about starting their own Internet site redroza. Com

Society "Red Rose" to announce the opening of its own web site redroza. Com and invites gardeners to meet and cooperation. In a society united fans from all over the roses Russia, every month there are meetings members of society, on which you want to discuss a new subspecies of plants, ask each other questions, share experiences and exchange of saplings. Since you also love these beautiful flowers - roses, join the society!
"Red Rose" - a nonprofit organization working in Russia on charitable basis. The purpose of society is to promote and create interest in the cultivation of roses, and More promote more bottomless understanding of care.
Members of the Society conducts educational programs for those interested in roses. In addition, they are experimenting with the known species of plants, hoping to improve their innate properties. On their own they will report on the achievements of the monthly gatherings.
For example, recently completed a joint research project aimed at obtaining the hybrid tea roses, more capable of resisting the negative external conditions. The resulting plant, consistent with experiment, calmly takes the action of chemicals, but researchers are unhappy with the effects, and plan to try again. All interested parties can watch them on the web site redroza. Com - in the foreseeable future there will be new materials of the selected plant, the impact on him, breeding behavior, etc.
Domestic Company "Red Rose" is trying to whip people interested in signs of love and romance, flowers, who have leadership positions in the list of gifts for women. Members of the society publishes materials on the care of flowers, the battles with pests, decreasing the use of chemicals, koie, according to the set, suggest a likely damage to the ecology of the Earth. At public events need to purchase adult plants or seedlings, to talk to real experts in the cultivation of roses, or tell their personal research in this area. If you need to ask a question you can e-mail to the company, in the foreseeable future you will be contacted members of society.
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