The developers have promised to show Final Fantasy XIII in 2008

The Japanese company Square Enix plans to release a demo version of role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII in 2008, reportedly on the site Eurogamer.

According to the developers of this game, they first want to show gamers the combat system. It is known that the battle will take place very quickly, but, like many console RPG, the team will be given to using the menu.

Also, new information about the features of the game. In particular, it became known that the world Final Fantasy XIII will be divided into two parts: the “mechanical” called Cocoon and “natural”, known as the Pulse.

Recall that the thirteenth of the popular Final Fantasy series is being developed for the PlayStation 3. The developers have not yet reported, when it is ready to play will go on sale.

24 January 2008 | company, developer, final fantasy, game, system, version, website, word, xiii

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